Corporate Dietitian Services

…Dr Maree Brinkman works with you to tailor her presentations and information sessions to best suit your needs, your goals, and of course your budget.

The connection between employee health and productivity is vital for a successful business. The happier and healthier the employees, the more enjoyable and productive the workplace.

The importance of employee health has been shown in an increasing number of studies. 

Investing in employee health can pay dividends, and Dr Maree Brinkman is here to help!

Each business is unique, with a different culture and different needs. Dr Maree Brinkman’s individualised approach to diet is applied to all of her corporate consultations.

Using current evidence and best practice, programs are specifically tailored to meet your needs.

Dr Maree Brinkman has delivered seminars, individual employee nutritional consultations, food diary assessments, and Q&A sessions, and would love to find out what works for you and your team.

All sessions are supplemented with resources, including: fact sheets, healthy recipe ideas, and tips for a healthy diet. Articles for company blogs or newsletters can also be provided.

To get your creative juices flowing, here are some recent topics that have been generating interest:

Eating for the Workday: How to Avoid that 3pm Slump

Components of a Healthy Diet: Finding the Right Balance

Eating Well When You’re Time-Poor

Keeping Healthy During Cold and Flu Season

Diet Myth Busting

The above are some popular presentations; however, if you have a specific topic in mind, Dr Maree Brinkman will work with you and your employees to help find a program that’s right for your organisation.

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