Personalised plans to better your health

Why Personalised Nutrition?

Are you confused by dietary information overload?  Imagine if there was a nutritional advice that was designed especially for you…

Dr Maree Brinkman provides expert personalised nutritional advice which is tailored to your needs as an individual, because there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to health.

Personalised Care

Each individual has their own nutritional needs depending on their genetics, medical history, family history, medications, food preferences, current health status, lifestyle and dietary patterns.

Backed by Science

Dr Maree Brinkman uses the latest evidenced-based practices on dietary management of disease and prevention to improve your health outcomes, including nutrigenomics where appropriate.

Nutrition Expertise

Dr Maree Brinkman is a Nutritional Consultant with over 25 years of research and private practice experience. She holds a Master’s degree in Dietetics and a PhD in Nutritional Epidemiology (cancer and nutrition).


The best health outcomes are achieved by taking a collaborative approach to patient management, which is why Dr Maree Brinkman communicates regularly with you and your doctor, oncologist, specialists, surgeons, allied health and other practitioners.


Have questions?


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